Mental Health Review

The entire Dartmouth community is engaged in supporting the wellness and connectedness of our community. Collaborations by multiple divisions across campus have produced many enhancements and initiatives. Some of these were begun prior to JED and developed through the work of students and staff. Not all actions to date are listed below. See the Commitment to Care PDF for additional actions that have already been taken including actions since Spring 2023.

The all-Dartmouth actions to date are listed in the categories of the six JED working groups; however, much of this work has been accomplished outside of or only partially through the work groups listed above. Improving student mental health requires engagement across all of Dartmouth's units. Some content spans more than one domain and has been classified according to the primary domain of progress to date.

Examples of All-Dartmouth Actions to Date

The resources listed below are available to all Dartmouth students (undergraduate, graduate, and professional students). 

Examples of Undergraduate Actions To Date

While more all-Dartmouth collaboration to address student mental health and wellbeing is a priority for the College as Dartmouth advances the JED initiative, some work specific to undergraduate students has been started, and more work specific to those students will be continued. Some of the undergraduate-specific actions to date are listed below.

Examples of Graduate and Professional Student-Specific Actions To Date

Dartmouth’s four graduate and professional schools are the Geisel School of Medicine, Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies, Thayer School of Engineering, and Tuck School of Business.

Increasing all-Dartmouth collaboration to address student mental health and wellbeing is a priority as we advance the JED initiative. Some work specific to all graduate and professional students has begun. Within the individual graduate and professional schools, work targeting their student populations is also underway.

For all four graduate and professional schools, the following resources are now available:

  • Emergency / Barrier Removal Funds. All graduate and professional schools now have emergency/barrier relief funds for graduate and professional students with pressing financial needs. Examples of needs covered include emergency travel, medical co-payments, and assistance with educational needs not covered by financial aid. Previously, only undergraduates and some graduate and professional schools had emergency/barrier removal funds.
  • Ombudsperson Hired. In 2022, a full-time ombudsperson, Tracey Brant, was hired to support graduate and professional students as well as faculty and staff.

Examples of Geisel School of Medicine Actions to Date

Examples of Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies Actions to Date

Examples of Thayer School of Engineering Actions to Date

Examples of Tuck School of Business Actions to Date