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Working Groups

Six work groups were formed in September 2022 to begin prioritizing recommendations from the JED Foundation and planning initial actions. While these work groups were set up by an undergraduate JED committee, which had its site visit more than two months before the graduate and professional schools, representatives of the graduate and professional schools have participated in three of the work groups, marked with an asterisk (*). All work groups have student membership, and students serve as co-leads for two work groups, marked with a caret (^).

   Communications for Health, Well-Being, and Crisis*
   Clinical Infrastructure Enhancement*^
   Crisis Response Policies and Procedures*
   Alignment of Academics and Well-Being
   Integration of Well-Being and the Student Experience^
   Safety and Well-Being in the Physical Environment

In December 2022, Provost David Kotz elevated Dr. Matt Duncan, a psychiatrist by training and a JED co-lead for Geisel, to the role of special advisor to the provost for student mental health.

A steering committee for student mental health is now being formed to facilitate further cooperation and alignment across the undergraduate and graduate and professional schools. The steering committee will play a key role in the development of an all-Dartmouth strategic plan for student mental health.

The entire Dartmouth community is engaged in supporting the wellness and connectedness of our community. Collaborations by multiple divisions across campus have produced many specific enhancements and new initiatives. For more detail, see the page on initiatives.